Turtle United – Turtle United

What is Turtle United? What is Turtle United?


Known for the first and biggest impact-driven movement on web3. Turtle United Genesis consists of a limited collection size of 500 3D-designed NFTs, hand selected with unique traits and colors.


Backed by a strong community, we formed the #TUMovement that reached and impacted as far as China and Africa, to clean up our planet in exchange for incentive-driven rewards.


Turtle United holders will receive exclusive access to the TU ecosystem, consisting of the first S2E game, free VX airdrop for The Sandbox, exclusive ambassador program, IRL events, and much more.


We Build Together. We Accomplish Together. We Save The World Together.

  • 2068
  • 2069
  • 2070
  • 2071

Our Story Our Story

2069 … not so distant future… in fact, very close. The planet shattered. Wildfires everywhere. Smoke amongst the entire population. Streets, oceans, and landscapes are covered in nothing but trash.

We watch as the world goes down in flames. The Turtle Master arises. Heroic. Wise. Immortal. Only the Master possesses the power to help humanity avoid this catastrophe … but how?

Only One egg remains Only One egg remains

Its power? We have yet to see. 2069 is the doomsday. It’s the World’s ending. To avoid this, we must undo the past.

But how many years back?

There is the turtle inside There is the turtle inside

The leader.

The Movement.

Sent by the Turtle Master to embark on a mission to change the future. To call on all turtles. To unite them. To guide them. And eventually…

Create the Turtle United Movement


Mission & Vision

To Be Those Who Make The Change

To create a powerful movement of NFT game-changes.

To Become Environmental Rebels.


Chapter 1

Forming the Turtle United Movement

We are partnering with other leading projects and organizations with the same mission to fight against issues of pollution and global warming.

Particulars – TBA

Pre-Mint Air Drops and Giveaways

We have developed a point-system gamification experience on our Discord channel. Plant a tree, make a good deed, volunteer or free the planet from Trash and our TU community will reward you.

Strategic Partnerships

We are partnering with other leading projects and organizations with the same mission to fight against issues of pollution and global warming.



Private and Public Sales

Chapter 2


We will be donating 20% of our proceeds to NGOs who have made a great impact to educate, save and act on environmental issues.

KlimaDao – Our Carbon Removal Partner

KlimaDAO is the center of a new green economy. Built on the energy efficient Polygon network, KlimaDAO uses a stack of technologies to reduce market fragmentation and accelerate the delivery of climate finance to sustainability projects globally.

Free VX Airdrop

Every Turtle United NFT holder will be airdroped a VX Metaverse Avatar to be used in The Sandbox. Turtle United will land in the Sandbox once they finalize the development of their land. This accessibility will allow us to spread our message and raise awareness beyond our imagination.


YOUR TURTLES CLOSET IS ABOUT TO GET LIT. Our holders will have access to purchase physical and virtual merchandise for their NFT in the metaverse including clothes and accessories.

Chapter 3

Sandbox Land Acquisition

A Turtle United Island Getaway will be built on the Sandbox for our NFT holders. The Getaway will be a place for our Turtles to unite, meet and communicate with each other. We will also be hosting events, info sessions, and sponsored networking events.

Exclusive Giveaways and Airdrops

Giveawayys and airdrops of our merchandise, NFTs, and many more surprises.

Launch of the Native Token

Introducing Staking


Chapter 4

Launch of S2E Game

The first S2E (Save2Earn) gamification experience taking over the Metaverse with reward incentives within the TU ecosystem. Work in progress – coming soon


Launch of S2E Game


  • First S2E gamification experience

  • Changing people's lifestyles, which is making the world a better place

  • Donating to help our Environment

  • Staking within the TU Ecosystem

  • Free VX Collection Airdrop for Holders

  • Join Carbon Removal with KlimaDao

  • Access to Exclusive Giveaways


Meet The Team



Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing & Design Expert with 10 years of experience. Founder of BeKeto, a global food-tech.



Crypto and Blockchain Specialist, Early adopter of crypto, Working with Bitcoin since 2014, Marketing Specialist


Marketing Head

Serial Ecommerce Entrepreneur & Jewelry Brand Owner. Managed portfolios of leading Tech and SAAS focused Venture Capitals in Tel Aviv


3D Graphics Head

Working with 3D for as long as 3D exists (Autodesk Maya 1) since 1996


Art Director

Art Director, Famous Polish Pop-Up Artist


Community Manager

Big WEB3 and environmental enthusiast and activist. Jakub starts his day with NFTs, and ends it contributing to the environment


3D Artist

Young talented 3D Designer and content creator for Turtle United


3D Artist

Talented 3D Designer, designing clothes and accesories for Turtle United


  • Turtle United NFT is the first NFT Project that has a mission to create a powerful movement in the Metaverse – aka the #TUMovement.

    While primarily focusing on charitable donations, sustainability, and raising awareness for issues concerning our planet and environment, we are also focused on producing a lot of value for the NFT space through our unique 3D designs, VX models for Sandbox, and launching the first S2E (Save2Earn) gamification experience. We’re creating a bridge between the NFT world and saving the Planet.

    Our team strongly believes that the NFT space is the strongest platform to create a powerful community movement. With our team’s experience and the right network we will start introducing strong strategic part-ners, sponsors, and much more.

    Our aim is to provide long-term value to Turtle United and our Planet

  • Turtle United NFT will mint on the Ethereum Chain.

  • S2E stands for Save to Earn. We are the first project to introduce an innovative S2E gaming experience, where you save the planet, share it with us, and get rewarded for it.
    A BETA version is available on our Discord.

  • Our team is an established group of founders in the e-commerce, design and marketing industries. Read more about the Team

  • Yes, Turtle United is a donation-based project where 20% of the proceeds will go to selected charities.